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   For nearly half a century, York W. Williams, Jr. Child Development Center, Inc. has been providing quality child care and education to the children of South East Arkansas.

   It is our philosophy that young children can and should learn those skills necessary for them to experience success when they reach school age.  We understand that preschool children are creative and receptive: therefore our staff strive to nurture and encourage these qualities in the children who attend.


   We feel that it is our purpose to provide an atmosphere in which intellectual development can take place. An atmosphere by which a child can experience physical, personal, social, cultural, and moral developmental growth.


   York W. Williams, Jr. Child Development Center, Inc.'s curriculum includes a wide variety of skills such as sharing and language development, stories, music, finger plays, creative art and crafts activities.  We also emphasize games and large muscle activities, computer, sign language, food preparation, science and nature activities, exposure to shapes, colors, numbers, letters, field trips throughout the community, and celebration of birthdays and holidays.

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